SNE SeaBuck Activ

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SNE SeaBuck Activ uses the most advanced extractive technology in its preparation to ensure the bioavailability of the active ingredients from natural plants such as Seabuckthorn Pulp, Radix Saussurea, White Raisins, Radix Glycyrrhizae and Fructus Gardeniae that are not compromised. This tasty and refreshing drink is easily absorbed and provides fast, effective detoxification properties, eliminates toxins and heavy metals from the human body, strengthens the immune functions, enhances digestion, prevents infection of the respiratory system, etc. Revitalize and refresh your body, enjoy a healthier life today!

Human respiratory tract, gastrointestinal and genitourinary tract are covered with mucosal. Gastric mucosal will secrete gastric acid, lysozyme and others material with bactericidal functions. There are cilia movements on mucosal surfaces, such as vibrissa in the nose can block part of the droplets and dust, also to limit the invasion of pathogens. All of these are formed as body surface barrier, is the body’s first line of defence system. It’s an important barrier of the body’s defence system, once the barrier lost; it may suffer serious infection and the body facing a serious threat.

Therefore, we should always pay attention to maintain the integrity of skin mucous membranes and cleanliness in order the immune system can function normally. SeaBuck Activ rich in vitamins A and C, helps to strengthen and moisturize mucous membrane, protects from microbes attack, to achieve the effectiveness of nourish the lungs and stomach.

Main Factors: Reduces damages caused by toxin precipitants, alleviates the burden on the entire internal organs; Regulates pathological changes in the internal organs removes toxins; Alleviates symptoms and complications caused by cough, fever and other illnesses; Enhances nutrient and medicine absorption; Prevents the occurrence of major diseases.

SNE SeaBuck Activ Wonderful for Individuals who are prone to respiratory tract infections; Individuals who are under constant stress; Individuals suffering from endocrinal system disorder; Individuals who eat and drink excessively.

Effect of Treatment SNE SeaBuck Activ

1 to 6 Days Starting Period: Mouth dryness, chest tightness, nausea, cough, dizziness, fatigue and insomnia are improved

1st Month Detoxification Period: Mouth ulcer, sore throat, chronic cough, excessive phlegm and chest pain are alleviated

2nd Month Thorough Detoxification Period: Decomposes toxin accumulation in the lungs, liver, kidneys, intestine and stomach, thoroughly cleanses the blood and cells to achieve a total detoxification of the body.

3rd Month Protection & Re-Construction Period: Form a protective membrane within the stomach and intestinal walls, controls the absorption of various toxins, prevents toxins from entering the circulatory system, plays a major role in liver metabolism and helps protects the brain functions

Benefits of SNE SeaBuck Activ

o Eradicates toxin precipitants from the lungs, penetrates the lungs rapidly, removes long-termtoxin accumulation thoroughly

o Removes toxin preipitants from the blood vessel walls, transforms toxins into non-toxic acetic acid which will be expelled from the body, alleviating the burden on the liver andkidneys

o Repairs disorders of the central nervous system, improve sleep quality and overall memory functions

o Forms a protective membrane on the gastric mucosa, prevents dust, alcohol or other allergens from damaging the gastric mucosa

o Enhances the stamina functions of cardiac hypoxia patients.

o Stabilizes blood pressure and regulates the heart beat to prevent abnormal heart functions



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